Drug Bank Trust

M. P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar

Drug Bank Trust – a voluntary organization founded on the auspicious day of 15th August 1980 is run by the students and staff members of M.P. Shah Medical College and Guru Gobind Singh Hospitals, Jamnagar. It has silently provided invaluable help in the form of life saving drugs to almost more than 60,000 poor and needy patients. At present Drug Bank Trust is providing insulin to 75 diabetic patients regularly. It also provides anti-cancer, anti-epileptic drugs and other life saving drugs. It has received valuable support from donors like Shri Anantbhai Shah, Late Shri Premchandbhai Vora, Shri Ramnikbhai Ganatra, Shri Chetanbhai Mehta and leading doctors of city and Guru Gobind Singh Hospitals, Jamnagar. Pharmaceutical firms like Biocon Limited have come to help organization by providing drugs like insulin at bare minimum cost. Our student volunteers are providing medicines to poor patients at OPD No. 22, Guru Gobind Singh Hospitals, Jamnagar between 5 and 6 P.M. on working days.

Donations (Cheque & Demand draft preferred) are welcome in the name of DRUG BANK TRUST, M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. These donations are exempt from Income tax u/s 80G (5).

Drug Bank Trust Committee

President Dr. Nandini Desai
Dean, M.P. Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar
Special Advisor Dr. Pankaj Buch
Superintendent, Guru Gobind Singh Govt. Hospital , Jamnagar
Vice President Dr. Manish Mehta
Professor of Medicine
Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, Jamnagar

Dr. Bhadresh Vyas

Professor of Pediatrics
Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, Jamnagar

Treasurer Dr. M.V. Gajera
Professor of Pharmacology
M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar
Jt. Treasurer Dr. D.M. Parmar
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar
Secretary Manek Gadhavi

III/I MBBS Student

Jt. Secretary III/I MBBS Student


Dr. Nandini Desai
M.P.Shah Medical College,
Jamnagar. 361008

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