Radio Therapy

Teaching Staff Members:



Full Name


Residential Address Email, Mobile ,Phone No.

(Office And Residence

Permanent Address
Associate Professor
1. Dr Nitesh B. Joshi

MD Radiotherapy

13, Prapti Apartment street no-7, Patel colony, Jamnagar


At & Post – Pandarwada

Ta- Khanpur,

Dist – Mahisgar

Pin- 389232

Assistant Professor
1 Dr Surendra Kumar Saini


Quarter No: C-28 A,

M. P. Shah Medical Campus,

Pandit Nehru Marg,

JAMNAGAR, Gujarat-361008


Quarter No: C-28 A,

M. P. Shah Medical Campus,

Pandit Nehru Marg,

JAMNAGAR, Gujarat-361008

1. Dr Hetal Kathrani


Paras socity,23/a road no.2 ‘TIRTH’ Jamnagar.


Paras socity,23/a road no.2 ‘TIRTH’ Jamnagar.
2. Dr. Pritesh N Patel


201-Kunal Plaza, Pankaj Society, Jayant Socity Road, Jamnagar-361008



201-Kunal Plaza, Pankaj Society, Jayant Socity Road, Jamnagar-361008
3 Dr. Jitesh Sarvaiya , M.B.B.S.


Departmental facility

a. Lecture Theatre i. Number -Nil ii. Seating capacity-Nil
b. Demonstration Room i. Number 01 ii. Seating capacity-15
c. Library i. i. No. of Books -76
d. Museum i.i. No. of Specimen-3 ii. Charts-Nil iii Models-Nil
e. Research Laboratory i. Instruments -Nil
f. Office Accommodation: i. No.-Four ii. details ?Offices for Professor,Associate Prof,
Assistant Prof,Tutors
g. Clinical Room number-Nil seating capacity-Nil
h. Audio ? Visual Teaching aids OHP — 01 , LCD Projector — 01
i. Seminar Room number-Common with Seminar room. seating capacity-15

New facility

Pain and Palliation care at patient’s door step, only center in Government sector to extend once a week Palliative Home Care to Cancer Patients in Jamnagar city area.

Highest user of Oral Morphine as a part of Pain and Palliative Care.

Spread heading the campaign for Awareness and early Diagnosis of Cancer.

A NPCDCS center for implementation of prevention and early diagnosis of Cancer in Jamnagar district.

Courses offered

a) Degree course– M.D

b) started in year-2008

c) recognized by MCI from year 2011

d) Number of approved seats by MCI-One Seat Recognized

e) at present admitting –One student per year

f) 1) M.D. (Radiotherapy) course recommended for recognition by Medical Council of India, with Reference letter No. MCI/95(22)/2010/MED/6971/Dt-10th May 2011.

2) Memorandum of understanding & project agreement signed with Pallium India Trust, Thiruvananthapuram to start palliative care & training centre, which will be of its own kind in western India.

3) State government has allocated fund for developing radiotherapy Department as a TOTAL CANCER CARE CENTER.
Teaching / Clinical / Field Practice workload

a. Teaching-Undergraduate-20 Lectures/Year and Post Graduate as Per Departmental schedule.
b. Clinical 1. OPD attendance per day-25-30
2. Indoor admission per day-2-3
3. Minor Surgeries per day_-NA__________
4 Major surgeries per day-NA_____________
5. Deliveries Per day_-NA___________
6. Specialized Clinics / Services
7. Other investigations/ examinations details related with your department-Tumor Markers .Immunophenotyping ,
Immunoessay,PET Scan for Diagnostic and Treatment Planning.

Present / Past PG Students :

a) Degree

Sr. no. Year of Admission Name of Student Category
General / SEBC / SC / ST / Other / All India
PG teacher under whom registered
1 2015 Dr. Rajeev Gandhi General Dr. Agarwal S.K.
2 2014 Dr. Pratik Goswami General /SEBC Dr. Agarwal S.K
3. 2013 Dr. Mathumitha Ramesh All India Dr. Agarwal S.K
4. 2012 Dr. Nishant R. Madhani General Dr. Agarwal S.K
5. 2011 Dr. Sharaschandra Shankar All India Dr. Agarwal S.K.
6. 2010 Dr. Thakkar Ankit S. General Dr. Agarwal l S.K.
7. 2009 Dr.Sayon Chakraborty All India Dr. Agarwal l S. K
8. 2008 Dr. Bhargav G. Trivedi General Dr. Agarwal S.K
Indexed Journal Publication 2009 Onwards : 


1.Debdasa Dutta, Hariom Chandola, S. K . Agarwal.Pharmacognostical and Analytical study of Tulsi-Amla-YastiGhrita


2.Das.D, Agarwak S. K, Chandola HM.Protective effect of Yastimadhu(Glycerrza glbra) against side effects of radiation/chemotherapy in head and neck malignancies.AYU/2011/32/196-9

3. Surendra kumar saini , Shelly Shrivastava , Shambhoo nath prasasd . Response to induction chemotherapy as predictive marker of tumor response to radiotherapy and survival oral cavity cancer. Clinical cancer investigation journal 2015; 4:520-4.

4.Surendra Kumar Saini, Shelly Srivastava, Yuvraj Singh, Awadhesh Kumar Dixit, Shambhu Nath Prasad. Epidemiology of epithelial ovarian cancer, a single institution-based study in India. Clin Cancer Investig J 2016;5:20-4


Ongoing research project.


CME conducted on 22nd Feb. 2015 on Pain and Palliative Care for Faculty and IMA Doctors.

Contact Details:

Departmental Address Details of Head of the Department Details of Contact person (1 or 2) from the Department
Radiotherapy Department
M P Shah Medical College
And G G Hospital
Dr S K Agarwal, M.D.(RT)
Professor and Head
Dr S K Agarwal
Professor and Head,
(m) 09426531249
(o) 0288-2666144

List of Non teaching staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Parbatbhai Odedara Radiation Safety Officer & Medical Physicist
2 Mr. Yogeshbhai Chauhan Radiotherapy Technologist
3 Mr. Javedbhai Makwana Radiotherapy Technologist

List of important equipments available in the department & their functional status

Theratron 780-E Isocenteric Cobalt-60 Teletherapy Machine.
HDR Ir-192 Microselectron Brachytherapy Machine.
Three Dimensional Treatment Planning System.
500-mA X-Ray Machine with IITV.
Radiation Survey and Dosimeteric Equipments.
Thermoplast immobilization Device.
Styrofoam Manntle Cutting Device.
Operation Theatre to carryout Brachytherapy

Fund Allocated to Procure

New Premises under construction for Radiotherapy Department in same campus likely to be completed by March 2015.

1.State Government allocated fund for purchase of High Energy Linear Accelerator and Radiotherapy CT Simulator. Procurement procedure completed up to the level of PreBid meetings.

2.AERB  approved New Radiotherapy Building having area of 3200 sq.m to accommodate 102 beds and new equipment has been constructed as a Total Cancer Care Developmental Program.

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