Skin & VD

Teaching Staff Members:
Full Name
Mo. & Ph. No.
Associate Professor:
Dr. Deval N Vora
M.D. (Skin & V.D.)
A-3, Rutviraj Appt.,
Opp. Essar House,
Swastik Society,

A-3, Rutviraj Appt., Opp. Essar House,
Swastik Society,
Assistant Professor

Departmental facility / infrastructure

Lecture Theatre Main L.T. i. Number – ii. Seating capacity- 200
Demonstration Room yes i. Number- 1 ii. Seating capacity-20
Library 1 i. No. of Books100(Annexure 1)
Museum nil i. No. of Specimen ii. Charts-10 iii Models-2
Research Laboratory yes i. Instruments
Office Accommodation i. No. 3 ii. details -office for Professor, Asso. Professor, Asst. professor
Laboratory (example given below) i. Number1 ii. Investigations Performed gramstain, Znstain,Leshmeniasis, darkground, KOH smear,biopsy
Clinical Room number 1 seating capacity 40-45
Seminar Room number 1 seating capacity 20-25

Courses offered

a) Degree course____

a) MD Skin____

b) started in year__ july 1989

c) recognized by MCI from_2008

d) Number of approved seats by MCI_2____

d) at present admitting _1____

a) Diploma course

a) __D.V.D.Skin_____

b) started in year_july 1992_______

c) recognized by MCI from_-__

d) Number of approved seats by MCI_nil__

d) at present admitting ____nil____ students per year

Teaching / Clinical / Field Practice workload

a. Teaching

Case Presentation : Every Week
Journal Club : Twice in a Month
Grand round : Thrice a Week
Seminar : Two In a Month
Symposium : Once in Fortnight.
Treatment Planning Session : Three Times in a week
Short Topic Discussion : Three Times in a week
Tutorial : Every Month
Subject Review : Every Month

b. Clinical

1. OPD attendance per day__200-250/day_________

2. Indoor admission per day____4-6/wk______

3. Minor Surgeries per day___4-5________

4 Major surgeries per day____nil_________

5. Deliveries Per day___nil_________

Specialized Clinics / Services

Days Name of Clinic Services Attendance
  • STD clinic
  • Leprosy clinic
  • Contact Dermatitis clinics
  • Pigmentary clinics
  • AFHS clinic
15 -20/OPD
4 5
10 15
35 40

1. Number of Serological / Hematological / Histopathological / Fluid examination / day______12/weeek_

2. Number of Culture / Sensitivity / virology related work / day___1-2/day_________

3. Number of x-ray / ultrasonography / Barium studies CT scan / MRI / BMD / Mammography / Other studies / day___1per

Present / Past PG Students :

a) Degree

Sr. no. Year of Admission Name of Student Category
General / SEBC / SC / ST / Other / All India
PG teacher under whom registered
1 2017 Dr. Rinkal Madhudiya SEBC Dr. Deval Vora
2 2016 Dr. Juhi Thakkar General Dr. Deval Vora
2015 Dr Nilam Damor ST Dr. Deval Vora
2 2014 Dr. Kamalini Meher ST Dr. Deval Vora
3 2013 Dr. Anuj Kothari General Dr. Deval Vora
4 2012 Dr. Pooja Solanki SEBC Dr. Deval Vora
5 2012 Dr. Bharti General Dr. Deval Vora
6 2011 Dr. Ankita Sangwan General Dr. Deval Vora
7 2010 Dr. Brahmbhatt Vinita U. SEBC Dr. Mehta Bhavesh
8 2009 Dr Alka Kanakmal Raka All India General Dr Bhavesh A Mehta
9 2007 Dr Moiz Mithaiwala General Dr Bhavesh A Mehta
10 2006 Dr Dilraj Kaur Longowal
Dr Prashant Trivedi
General Dr Bhavesh A Mehta
11 2005 Dr Jemish patel General Dr K.M.Acharya
12 2004 Dr.Nikhil Parmar
Dr.Zaffar chaudhary
Dr K.M.Acharya
13 2003 Dr Nehal Rathod

Dr Shaifali Gupta

General Dr K.M.Acharya

b) Diploma

Sr. no. Year of Admission Name of Student Category
General / SEBC / SC / ST / Other / All India
PG teacher under whom registered
1 2007 Dr Mahesh Makvana General Dr Bhavesh A Mehta
2 2006 Dr Deepti Grover General Dr K .M Acharya
3 2005 Dr payal patel General Dr.K.M.Acharya
4 2004 Dr kalyanchandra Dahal General Dr.K.M.Acharya
5 2003 Dr.Jatin Patel General Dr.K.M.Acharya

Indexed Journal Publication 2009 Onwards :

1. Oral and cuteneous presentations and outcome in Stevens Johnson Syndrome at tertiary care hospital, National Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, August 2014, Dr Deval Vora, V C Popat, A. Sangwan, P. Solanki, Bharti, A. Kothari

2. Rhinological evaluation of Leprosy, WAENT, VOL. 5,1, 2012, Dr Deval Vora, Vijay Popat, Vinita Brahmbhatt, Ankita Sangwan, Vikas Sinha

3. Case study of Ehler Danlos Syndrome, Quadriderm, 1,2012, Dr Deval Vora, Alka Raka, Vinita Brahmbhatt, Ankita Sangwan

4. Role of Histopathology in Lytic Lesions of Bone, 70 cases, Dr Deval Vora, International Journal of Orthopedic Surgery

5. Clinicopathological correlation of neck lesions, study of 103 cases, International Journal of head and Neck surgery, Dr Deval Vora

6. A case study of 25 cases dexamethasone cyclophosphamide pulse therapy in pemphigus vulgaris, International journal of reasearch in medicine, ISSN no.2320-2742, Year of publication 2016, Dr. Anuj kothari, Dr.Deval  N. vora, Dr. Moiz F. Mithaiwala, Dr. Kamalini meher, Dr.Nilam Damor, Dr. Juhi Thakkar.

Contact Details:

Departmental Address Details of Head of the Department Details of Contact person (1 or 2) from the
Skin V.D and leprosy Dr. Deval N. Vora
Associate Professor & Head

List of Non teaching staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr.Jitesh Varia S.T.D counseller
2 clerk

List of important equipments available in the department & their functional status





Sr.No Name of the Book Author
(1) Textbook of Dermatology5th Edition Vol. I To Vol. IV A.J.Rook
(2) Clinical Dermatology 16th revised edition, 1989 Vol. I To Vol. IV and Index D.Joseph Denis
(3) Dermatology;Vol. I TO Vol. II Samuel L. Moschella
(4) Leprosy Vol. I To Vol. II Dr. Dharmendra
(5) Handbook of genetic skin Novice, Collison
Disorders Burgdorf, Esterly
(6) Leprosy(1985 Edition) Robert C. Hastings
(7) Histopathology of skin,8th Edition Walter F. Lever
(8) Skin Signs of Systemic Diseases Ircoin M. Braver
(9) Essentials of Dermatology,2nd Edition J.L. Burton
(10) Dermatology in Emergency Care Libby Edwards
(11) Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery Leonard Dzubow
(12) Disease of Hair Scalp; Arthur Rook
(13) An Atlas of Leprosy Rodoyo M. Abalos
Revised Edition 1983
(14) Differential Diagnosis in A.B. Ackerman
Dermatopathology, 1982
(15) Colour Atlas of L.K. Bhutani
Dermatology, 1982
(16) Atlas of Tumours of skin Kopf, Bart, Anrade
(17) A colour Atlas of Hiroaki Veki
(18) Modern Topic in Paediatric Julian Verboy
Dermatolofy; 1979
(19) A Guide to Dermatohistopathology H. Pinkus
(20) Current Dermatologic Therapy-2 Stuart Moddin
(21) Manual of HIV Theapeutics Willium G., Powderly
(22) The Year Book of Arthus J. Siber
Dermatology 1993
(23) IADVL Text book & Atlas of Dermatology Vol. I To Vol. II R. G. Valia
(24) Dermatology in General Medicine, 2nd Edition Thomas B. Fitzpatrick
(25) Histological Diagnosis of Inflammatory Skin diseases A. Bernard Ackerman
(26) Essay on Leprosy by Inflammatory Skin diseases Terence J. Riyan
(27) Skin Manifestations of AIDS Neal Spenneys
(28) Drugs used in Sexually Transmitted diseases & HIV Infection WHO
(29) Skin Surgery 6th Edition Eruin Epstein
(30) Vitiligo Gokhale
(31) Practice of Skin Surgery P. N. Behl
(32) Dermatology, An Illustrated guide Lionel Fry
(33) Surgical Dermatology Randal K. Roenigk
(34) Prevention of Disabilities In patients with Leprosy H. Srinivasan
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(37) Principles & Practice of Dermatology; 2nd Edition Sam & lynch
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(39) The Skin 7 Infection A Colour Atlas and Text Charles Sanders
(40) Principles & Practice of Dermatology W. Mitchell Sams, J.R
(41) Advanced Dermatologic diagnosis Shelly & Shelly
(42) Manual of Skin Disease,8th Edition Saures & Hall
(43) Human face of leprosy Gokhale & Sohani
(44) Asian Clinics in Dermatology
(45) Differential Diagnosis in AIDS; A Colour guide J. N. Parker
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(47) Vitiligo : A Monograph And Colour Atlas Vinay Saraf
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(50) Specialists Research and NACO
(51) Chemical Peeling and Resurfacing (2nd Edition) Harlod J. Brody
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(54) Fishers Contact Dermatitis (5th Edition) Robert L. Rietschel
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(56) Diseases of the Nails and Their management(2nd Edition) R. Baran
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(58) Atlas of Dermatology with Differential Diagnosis(2nd Edition) Gernot Rassner
(59) Dermatology Update R. G. Valia
(60) Textbook and Atlas of Dermatosurgery and cosmetology Satish S Savant
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A Physiological Approach
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(98) Atlas Of Genodermatoses Ruggero Caputo
(99) Diagnosis & Rx of Hair Disorder Antonella Tosti
(100) Fungal Infection Diagnosis & Harogenvil David W. Warnock
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